What are Expeditions?

Expeditions are the main source of Upgrade Tokens along with many other rewards. Expeditions are tasks to complete in a separate expedition world along with a separate inventory.

There are three tracks you can complete expeditions on: Noice, Advanced, Expert each increasing in the difficulty of the tasks. Each category has 43 Expeditions that can be completed

You will have limited access to commands in the Expedition World. Main commands: /exp (Expedition Menu) /spawn (Leave Expedition World) Star rank and above can use set homes commands in the expedition world

How can I start Expeditions?

After gaining access to expeditions, you can enter the world by typing /exp:

Once you are in the world, typing /exp again will bring up the main expedition menu:

Main Expedition Menu /exp

You can click one of the categories to view all of its expeditions:

You must then select the available expedition you would like to begin:

You will receive a chat message and the scoreboard will update to your current expedition

You will then follow the task of the expedition until completion

Expeditions that have multiple tasks Ex. Crafting all Stone Tools require a specific order. That order will be shown on the scoreboard so pay attention to what you are required to do there.