Gameplay Introduction

Welcome to Skyblock Nebula!

How to Play

Skyblock Nebula on RiftMC is not the normal gameplay style skyblock players are used to. Instead of placing blocks to gain island top value, you need to purchase Island Levels with Cash and Upgrade Tokens. Upon joining the server, it is recommended to make a sugar cane farm and use the free harvester hoe given on join. Once you have made some money from your farm, Enter the Expedition world and complete some quests to earn Upgrade Tokens. Don't forget about Island Points as this will help you pass others on the same island level. Its smart to constantly grind trophies while upgrading your island This is the basic process of leveling up your Island on IS TOP. The following sections will breakdown the gameplay style and the nuances within the different features throughout the server.

What to Grind

Skyblock Nebula is a Cane and Spawner based eco. All players receive an upgradable harvester hoe on join which will aid you in grinding Island Levels. Mining becomes useful for bm coins and cash at later island levels once you unlock better rates. You will need to upgrade your Island Level to unlock new mechanics on the server such as Island Upgrades and Ability to purchase higher-tiered spawners. View the Spawner Upgrades page to view the Eco breakdown for our upgradable spawners. All info will be described in detail in further sections. We hope you enjoy your stay on RiftMC!

Keep in mind:

Most of the info on this wiki can be found in-game through the /help menu